Monday, January 4, 2010

A young man from Colombia is next

On Orange Ribbon this week we get to chat with a young man from Bogota, Colombia, who has just spent six months in Australia undertaking a short-course here as part of an exchange program.

Nicolas, although not religious or from a religious family, went to a Catholic school in Bogota, which created its own problems as he will tell us. It was in his early teenage years that he began to realize that he was gay, and he finally came out to his Mum at age 17 when he was directly confronted by her about his sexuality.

He talks about coming out and life as a gay person in Colombia.

Nicolas is passionate about his country and feels he has to help its people. Poverty is rife, and he tells us why and how the poor people live.

Here is a very intelligent and educated young man who dearly loves his country and hopes to be able to help build a better life for all Colombians, albeit having to try and resolve the crime (much of it related to the drug trade...), the corruption, the poverty, and many other issues facing his country. One of his early objectives is to become a professor to further educate his people, and also he would like to work for the World Bank one day.

Nicholas is only 21 years old and his story will make you realise, not all of the youth of today think the same way.

Join Ka Fam, Hugh, and Allan for this interesting chat coming up this Wednesday evening at 8:00pm on JOY 94.9FM.

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