Monday, February 23, 2009


This Wednesday on Orange Ribbon, Yasmin will be joining us to chat about her truly multicultural background. Born in Australia but of Serbian, German, Austrian and Chinese descent, Yasmin will tell us about going to a Chinese school in Australia, discovering the Serbian underground scene only a few months ago, being busted by her mum kissing a girl, studying engineering and much much more...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gay partner immigration (18th Feb. 2009)

The Gay & Lesbian Immigration Task Force, better known as GLITF, provides assistance to gay & lesbian Australian/overseas partners where one partner needs to apply for Permanent Residency in order to live with his or her partner here in Australia. (

Every couple of years or so, Orange Ribbon invites GLITF back again (a) to remind newer listeners about the work and services of GLITF, and (b) to outline any recent legislative changes that may have changed the rules by which your overseas partner can apply for Permanent Residency.

So... it is time to catch up with GLITF again. If you are in a relationship with an overseas partner, or you have friends in that situation, then make sure you listen in to Orange Ribbon this week for the latest details. And you can send in your questions (ONLY while the program is actually going "live" to air... i.e. 7:00-8:00pm Wednesday) by emailing or SMS 0427 JOY 949.

Also in this program, we will be chatting with Hans and Lantry about their relationship, and the immigration process they are currently going through. Hans already lives in Australia, and Lantry is American and hopes to gain his PR early next year. And we will hear a little about this transcontinental love story that is holding the two of them together.

So... if you just have a casual interest in gay & lesbian partner immigration, or you have a direct and current interest in this topic, listen in to Orange Ribbon this coming Wednesday, 18th February, at 7:00pm, this week with Allan and Ka Fam as your presenters.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Yorker tells his story

Coming up this week on Orange Ribbon is a discussion with Colin, who comes from the United States.

Colin is from New York, and grew up as a member of the Y generation. He will discuss what it is like to be a gay man growing up in America in his generation, and his subsequent move to The Big Apple. He will also share his views on what it is like being a gay man in the New York scene.

So join the Orange Ribbon team this coming Wednesday (11th February) at 7:00pm for another interesting story with an international angle.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This weeks' program (4th Feb. 2009)

Sydney based Sveta is widely known around Australia for her unforgettable and explosive sets at Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras dance party. Sveta is amongst the few underground DJs that have crossed-over to a diverse audience of straight, gay, young, old, queer and fetish audiences.

Sveta is also Russian born and will be with us on Orange Ribbon this Wednesday to talk about her life, her career and music.