Monday, January 18, 2010

A Fillipino singer joins us on Wednesday

Del was raised in Cebu (Philippines), of a Chinese mother and a Fillipino/Spanish father, who separated when he was just 5 years of age, so he ended up being raised by his mother. He is an only child, although he has a half-brother and half-sister from his father's subsequent re-marriage.

Del's original life plans were to be involved in fine arts, but this didn't really start to develop until his university days where he was initially involved in the university drama club, and where later he ended up being president of that same club.

Due to a set of circumstances which he will outline on Orange Ribbon on Wednesday night, Del ended up being offered a recording contract with a major recording label, which resulted in him settling in Manila for most of the past 10 years. But he did not like the "show business" side of the industry. He preferred to just be able to sing at venues, hotels etc., and not have to worry about all the associated PR and "sales" activities associated with marketing record albums etc.

As a result of a later change of agents he gained a series of assignments (most of around 6 months...) singing at a number of well-known international 5-Star hotel venues in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and latterly Korea.

There is much, much more to Del's story, including his meeting with his current Austraian partner. So you will need to listen in to Orange Ribbon this coming Wednesday evening (20th January, 2010) at 8:00pm where we will hear about a very interesting life from a very gifted and talented singer.

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