Monday, July 27, 2009

Man of many hats...29th July, 7pm,

We have with us Tony Pitman. Tony wears many hats. Very well travelled, fathered a child to a Mexican lesbian couple and has a mexican boyfriend. Fluent in several languages. He comes to talk about the Equal Love protest that's going to be held on Saturday, the 1st of August. He also comes to challenge our views of the world around us. Do join us on Orange Ribbon on Joy 94.9 at 7pm on the 29th July 2009.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Week on Orange Ribbon Wed 22 July 2009

This week on Orange Ribbon we will be talking to a young guy from Canada.

Dave will tell us about his life in Canada, his schooling in a different language and what part religion had in his life.

He will talk about coming to terms with his sexuality, coming out to friends and family and who was the hardest to tell and why.

His story is interesting, informative and different as he will tell us how he decided to not meet anyone of the same sex until after he told every one he was gay.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

All rounder

Tony Pitman, father to a son to a lesbian couple in Mexico. A film maker. Travelled the world. GLBTIQ and human rights activist. A self-confessed skeptic. Starting his own show on Joy 94.9 soon. Do join us and get to know this all arounder on Joy 94.9 on Wedsnesday, 15th July 2009.

Postscript: Unfortunately Tony fell ill just prior to this weeks program so we had to make a last-minute switch, and our esteemed co-presenter, Hugh McKenna, stood in as our replacement "Scottish guest".

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HIV and MSM's in S.E. Asia

Rob Sutherland works for ACON (Aids Council of NSW) in Sydney, where he has recently returned from a 12-month placement within the UNAIDS Regional Support Team in Bangkok looking at the incidence of HIV among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM's), and the types of education and support programs in place.

Since his return Rob ran a report-back session to interested parties in Sydney last month. This session included:
  1. The context of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM's) and the HIV epidemic in the Asia Pacific region
  2. The organisational response occurring at a regional level
  3. The ACON and Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand partnership and the collaborative work developed through this placement.

During his term in Bangkok Rob worked closely with various HIV support programs both in Thailand, as well as the Mekong delta regions of Laos and Vietnam.

And Rob discusses his findings with Allan on Orange Ribbon this week. He will talk about the 10-year epidemic projections for the Asian region if nothing is done vs. those same projections if "best practice" HIV programs are implemented.

But we also get to find out just a little about Rob himself, which provides an insight as to how and why he came to be involved in ACON and HIV-related activities in Sydney.

Join Allan and Rob for this somewhat different Orange Ribbon discussion this week on JOY 94.9 at 7:00pm.