Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Vietnamese heritage

He comes from a Vietnamese heritage, where his parents were Vietnamese boat people of the 1980's although they did not meet until after their respective arrivals in Australia. His parents later divorced, his gransparents later moved to Australia when they were in their 60's and did not then speak English. His grandparents were actually like parents to him.

He knew he must be gay from an early age, started listening to JOY when he was 16, and accepted that he was gay at 18. And he is a voice (and name...) that should be somewhat familiar to JOY listeners.

Who is he...? Listen in to Orange Ribbon this week and you will hear the full story.

Orange Ribbon... 7:00pm this Wednesday, 27th May, 2009.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hong Kong update, and a familiar voice...

It's 4 months since we last chatted with Reggie Ho in Hong Kong. So this week, Hugh and Allan will get another update from Reggie about things that affect the tongzhi (queer) community in that metropolis. Topics to be covered include Idaho (International Day Against Homophobia) Day last Sunday, progress (or otherwise...?) on the promised anti discrimination legislation, and an embarassing reversal of totally unnecessary censorship at one of Hong Kong's universities.

Also this week... a voice from the past. Long-time Orange Ribbon listeners will be delighted to hear a familiar voice from the past... someone who was involved in the Orange Ribbon program for the first 7 years.
Who is it?

Well... you're going to have to listen in this Wednesday (20th May, 2009) between 7:00-8:00pm.

Orange Ribbon program on JOY 94.9FM

Monday, May 11, 2009

Arcilesbica, The Italian Lesbian group and The flag Sisters, Le Sorelle Bandiera

This week, we have Cinzia and Francesca from the Italian Lesbian group. They are looking forward to share with us what the group has done to break down barriers between community groups.

Arcilesbica is the organizer of the annual Italian GLBTIQ dance event. This year they are very excited to have the Flag Sisters, celebrities in Italy in the seventies, appeared in prime-time television. They will be joining us live in Joy94.9 studio. Below are two links to give you some idea of who the Flag Sisters are. Do join us on Wednesday, 13th of May, 7pm.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Week on Orange Ribbon Wednesday 6th May 2009

Earlier this year, Hugh returned to his home country, Scotland, for several weeks of catching up with family and friends. While he was there, he recorded two interviews for Orange Ribbon.

This week Hugh presents the second of those two recorded interviews with Shelly from Livingston, a town outside of Edinburgh.

Shelly is 20 years old and decided to come out to her family so she did not have to hide the fact she is a lesbian. Shelly talks about living in a small town in Scotland, the reaction by her family when she came out and how easy it is when everyone knows.

Hugh also speaks to Shelly's mother about how she reacted to the news that her daughter is a lesbian. She also talks about how she thinks other parents should react to their child being gay and how she could have done more to help Shelly.