Monday, December 7, 2009

Fruits In Suits... Hong Kong style

The gay and lesbian business networking gathering, Fruits In Suits, was established as part of GLOBE (Gay and Lesbian Organization for Business and Enterprise) in the early 1990's here in Melbourne.

What many here in Melbourne may not realize is that over the ensuing years Fruits In Suits has also successfully migrated to, and been established in, a few other locations as well, including in Hong Kong. And there is currently interest for even more such business networking groups to be established around a number of other Asian countries.

Fruits In Suits Hong Kong (currently being rebranded as FINS...) was established around 6 years ago. FINS Hong Kong is currently headed up by expat Eric Herrera, the self-titled Chief Dreamer of FINS. Eric has an interesting ethnic background, and lives and works in Hong Kong with his partner of more than 20 years.

While Allan was in Hong Kong in November, he sat down with Eric for a chat about FINS in Hong Kong and how it varies from Fruits In Suits in Melbourne and other locations, about his life and background, about being a ballet dancer in an earlier life, and about life as an expat living and working in Hong Kong.

This very interesting interview is coming up this week (Wednesday, 9th December) on Orange Ribbon.

AND DON'T FORGET...! Starting with this weeks program, Orange Ribbon moves to its new timeslet of 8:00pm on Wednesday evenings, with JOY's new Koori program, Black and Pink, taking over our old 7:00pm timeslot. So Wednesday evenings on JOY will be one of international programming with Black and Pink at 7:00pm, Orange Ribbon at 8:00pm, and Global Sounds at 9:00pm.

And while this week's program is officially program edition No. 400 of Orange Ribbon, we will actually be having our 400th celebration next week on 16th December, where we hope to be able to bring back some old memories of Orange Ribbon over the past eleven and a half years.

Remember... Orange Ribbon now at its new timeslot of 8:00pm, this Wednesday evening, where Allan speaks with the Chief Dreamer, Eric Herrera, from Fruits In Suits Hong Kong..

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