Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This week on Orange Ribbon for 20th August

This week we tackle a subject that some people may see as being somewhat controversial. Never to be deterred, Orange Ribbon will address the topic anyway... so here goes.

Basically sex work in Australia is a legal form of work, so that's our starting point. But what about the rights of sex workers? And what do they have to deal with?

Even more importantly (and bearing in mind Orange Ribbon is a GLBT multicultural program...) what about immigrant sex workers who have come to Australia to work in the sex industry by choice or necessity? What type of support structures are in place? What problems do they have to face (language, racism, health, discrimination, stereotypes etc.), and are these problems any more (or differently) pronounced than for traditional Anglo/Australian sex workers?

What about sex workers who are gay or lesbian, and who either work with same-sex clients, OR who may even look after opposite sex clients? And what about the straight sex workers who accept same-sex clients?

All of these issues will be addressed in the next edition of Orange Ribbon, coming up on Wednesday evening, 20th August. We will be joined in the studio by a sociual and support worker who is employed by RhED (Resourcing, Health & Education for Sex Workers) which is a specialist support program run by Inner South Health Services.

We look forward to you joining Hugh and Allan between 7:00-8:00pm to look at this topic.

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