Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Week on Orange Ribbon Saturday 26 June 2010

This week on Orange Ribbon we will be talking to a lady who was born in Germany but came to Australia at a very early age. She will talk about her mother's struggles living in Germany during world war two and why she had to flee Germany and live in Holland.

It has not always been easy for migrants to Australia, our guest will talk about living in Boarding houses in Sydney and the only person to come home to after school was the lady who owned the house. Sexual and sometimes violent abuse were a part of her life when she was a child, her best friends during this time was the local book shop that allowed her to read the books without buying them, the gay community and protitutes of Kings Cross in Sydney.

Our guests' story is happy and sad but in life we need to find the right path to take, you decide if she found that path.

Tune into Orange Ribbon on Joy 94.9 this Saturday at 2.00pm to hear an incredible story.

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