Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Intercultural relationships... from the Australian partner point of view

There are many gay & lesbian relationships in Australia where one partner is of a traditional Anglo/Australian heritage, and the partner is from some other country... be that one of the European countries, the Americas, Latin America, Middle East, the African continent, or one of the many Asian countries.

This week we take a look at one Australian's view on such intercultural relationships, and his own experiences with a number of short, and one not-so-short, intercultural relationships. Our guest this week is 31-y.o. Scott, an Anglo Saxon Australian who professes to liking guys "with tanned skins", be they Latin American, or Asian. Scott will openly discuss his experiences, why he prefers this "type" of man, and how he has handled such relationships. And he will specifically discuss his experiences with the longest relationship he has had to-date, which ended about a year ago... or did it?

This can be a controversial topic, particularly if we end up discussing such labels as Rice Queen, Potatoe Queen, Sticky Rice etc. But it's a topic that is of interest to many people in our communities never-the-less. So listen in to Orange Ribbon next Saturday (3rd April, 2010) when Hao and Allan (yes... Allan is returning briefly...) chat with Scott about all of the above issues.

And one final note of sadness... and the reason for Allan's brief return this coming Saturday...

Orange Ribbon presenter, Hugh McKenna, has recently been on 4 weeks holidays which not only took him to India for a 40th birthday party, but also back home to Scotland in order for him to catch up with his very ill and ageing mother. Hugh returned home to Melbourne just last week and was able to return to the airwaves last Saturday.

Unfortunately, Hugh's Mum passed away in the past 24 hours, which means that Hugh has now had to rush back to Scotland again for the funeral. Our sincere thoughts are with Hugh and his family during this very sad moment in their lives.

As a result of the above emergency, Allan will be back with Hao for this coming Saturday's program, before he too heads off back to Hong Kong again next week for most of April. It is expected that Hugh will be back on board again for Orange Ribbon on Saturday 10th April. Our condolences to Hugh and his extended family at this difficult and stressful time.

Orange Ribbon: 2:00pm Saturday, 3rd April, 2010

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