Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Living in an inter-cultural relationship

Over the years Orange Ribbon has spoken to a number of intercultural couples... i.e. gay or lesbian couples where each partner comes from a different country or culture. These are always interesting discussions, and every one has its own uniqueness, quality, and fascinating story.

This week we visit another inter-cultural relationship.
Tim is Australian and a familar voice and a founder of "The Spin" program heard on Tuesday nights on JOY 94.9. His partner, Greg, is Singaporean and has only been here in Melbourne for about five months.

Each has his own unique story, and we get to discuss coming out issues, family, church, meeting parents, and much more.

But we also chat about what it is like to be in an intercultural relationship... language miscommunication, living together, who cooks the meals, and what type of meals... and a number of other relationship issues.

And Tim also tells us about a new JOY program which he will be part of which premieres next Tuesday night on JOY 94.9.

So join Allan on Wednesday 24th February at 8pm for this very interesting discussion on JOY 94.9FM. And if you are not in Melbourne then you can listen in via the internet from the JOY website.

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