Monday, August 31, 2009

A previous guest returns for another chat

When I was in Hong Kong around this time last year I recorded an interview with Chung Yiu, a Hong Kong chinese guy who told me about growing up in a strict christian family, and then much later going to bible college to become a christian minister. Unfortunately for Chung Yiu, three weeks before he was due to graduate, he was "forced out of the closet" by his bible college room-mate. This resulted in his immediate dismissal from the college and the destruction of his dream to become a christian minister.

Last year, just before I recorded that interview with Chung Yiu, he had just done his first bungee jump from the Macau Tower, and he told me that one day he intended to do a second jump from that tower, but that next time he would do it backwards instead. Well, things have moved on for Chung Yiu, and three weeks ago while I was back in Hong Kong I recorded another interview with him. Since my previous chat with him last year, he has now reached the official "middle age" milestone. And yes... he DID do that second backwards bungee jump off the Macau Tower only just a few weeks ago, taken as a birthday gift from some of his friends.

But when I sat down three weeks ago to record our latest interview, the main topic we discussed was his trip to the U.S. in June in order to act as a "roadie" for the annual "Aids Life Cycle Ride to end Aids". ( It's a bike ride undertaken over 6 days by a huge number of participants, riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles over an interesting and picturesque route. Chung Yiu tells me about the background to this annual ride, why he decided to go over and become a "roadie", what the roadie activities involve, the number of people involved (including all the various support teams...), and what he got out of the experience. He was so impressed that he intends to go back for the 2010 ride, but not as a roadie next time, but as a rider.

This interesting recorded chat will be coming up on Orange Ribbon this coming Wednesday evening on JOY 94.9 at 7:00pm. So please join me this coming Wednesday evening to hear the latest from this energetic, enthusiastic, and committed Hong Kong chinese guy.

Allan Smales

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