Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tonight on Orange Ribbon - 7th January, 2009

On tonight's program we talk to Adam, who was born in Poland to German/Polish and Polish/Belarus parents.

Adam's family was involved in the SOLIDARITY political movement in Poland, and so had to leave the country and take refuge in Sweden where he grew up.

In Sweden he was branded the Swedish equivalent of a wog. He had a religious education, and was sent to Polish bible camps.

He dressed differently, ate differently, and generally felt different from everyone else. Then he started to go back to Poland often where they were called "the people from Sweden": so an identity crisis followed!!

On the top of being part of a political and Christian family (his uncles are in the parliament) he also realised he was gay.

Adam later took up drama school, and then came out on a talk show on national television. He backpacked around Asia, moved to Dublin, and then got to university in Melbourne. He met his boyfriend here.

Adam is a big Eurovision fan, and 2 years ago decided to make the annual eurotrash party "ladies only" party and dressed up as a shy polish housewife: Samantha Stretch was born!! Heaps of photos were taken and put them on MySpace and it became a MySpace phenomena, with followings all over the world, and with a fan club in Switzerland.

What a fascinatiung story... and you can hear all about it on Orange Ribbon tonight with Aline, Hugh and Allan... 7:00pm on JOY 94.9FM. Or listen "live" over the internet by going to and click on the "Listen Live" icon at the top of the page.

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