Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Program details for 17th September

Earlier this evening, on Orange Ribbon, we interviewed Raina, who is of an Anglo-Indian heritage. Her father is Anglo Australian and her mother is Fijian Indian, although Raina was born in Australia, spending her childhood days in Gippsland where she endured a lot of racism.

Raina spoke a lot about the racism experienced, and the racism and queer activism she was involved in when she later went to Monash University. It was at Monash that she met up with two Chinese girls who were of similar mind and experience. Through a series of events, Raina and her two "co-horts" decided to put together a cabaret performance with the objective of highlighting their views on racism, and so Ladies Of Colour Agency (or LOCA) began. (You can do a search on Myspace for Ladies of Colour Agnecy to find their profile.)

We learned more about their performance piece, and also that they have done a number of different audiences, from straight to gay/lesbian, and Raina discussed some of the varied audience reactions... particularly about the "hairy lesbian stripper" criticism from one of their performances.

The girls (as LOCA) will also be performing at the upcoming Melbourne Fringe Festival, where you can obtain more details of their events.

A different, and very entertaining chat on tonights program. Check out the podcast of tonights program from the JOY website if you missed this interesting interview.

(The three girls of LOCA make an important point)

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